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Guild charter
The rules in Dunamis outside raiding are few and simple, but very important to us.

- One guild policy: once you make member, we ask that all your toons on Splitpaw are in Dunamis or unguilded. This secures us that we have an active guild also outside raids.

- No drama. Quit the whining - if you have an issue, take it up with an officer.

- We expect our members to work on bettering their main also outside of raids. We help organise x2 raids, shard and quest groups, but getting your AAs, and upgrading your gear and spells are things that you should work on.

- Dunamis is a main centric guild where we want members to work together to gear up the pool of mains in guild in order to keep them as strong as possible. Alts are secondary. If members wish to change mains they must contact leadership, if raiders wish to change mains we must be recruiting for the class and new toon has to fit the raider requirements.

- The goal of the game is to have fun.