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Guild charter
Dunamis raids 3 times per week:
Tuesdays at 20:00 CET
Thursdays at 20:00 CET
Sundays at 20:00 CET

Weekday raids last approximately 3 hours, Sundays sometimes a bit longer. You are expected to stay till the raid is called by the raid leader. AFKs must be announced and you put your AFK tag up.
To this we add x2 raids and occational fun raids.

Raider rank
Raiders have a secure slot for raids. We try recruit so no raiders have to sit out.
To be a raider you must have the following:
- Level 90
- Min. of Expert quality of spells/CAs.
- Min. 240 AAs
- Raid leader approved raid spec.
- Min. 100% critical mitigation
- Min. 80% attendance (exceptions from this only in agreement with leadership). Possibility for flexibility with holiday/real life issues if leadership is contacted.
- You must continue to work on your main: work to get fully mastered, all AAs, getting those hard to get items from heroic zones, important questlines etc.

Social rank
- Socials can raid if there's no raider who signed up in time and they fill minimum recurements to the particular raid.
- Socials have the exact same loot rules as raiders.

Recruiting for raiders
We will recruit for all slots where we don't have a raider. If raiders dissapears for long time or doesn't fill the requirementss described above will be contacted about possibly beeing changed to social status, so we can open up recruitment.

Raids will be posted through the boards, you must read them to get information on minimum requirements or special circumstances. You must be signed up at least 2 hours before the raid starts, or else we will start look for someone to fill your slot.

- We use a dkp system with open bidding. You must show the item you wish to upgrade.
- If no main is interested in an item it goes to alts that can equip the item. You pay 5p to guild bank and winner of item is determined by a list (win alt item and you go bottom of list, the winner is the one highest on list).
- Loot that no alt or main wants will be muted, and mutes go to guild bank to distribute to those needing.

Raider's backpack
When attending raids you must come prepared with a raider's backpack with certain items like cure pots, resist gear, miracles etc.